2. Qualify & prioritise buyers
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By now you will have a list of public sector buyers with evidence of future buying intent - if not, check out this guide on monitoring key account activity in Stotles then repeat step 1.

The definition of a “qualified prospect or buyer” can differ from business to business; but we’ve included some common qualification questions that you can ask yourself to decide whether this an organisation you should target:

  • What is the value of the current contract award, or what has the buyer spent on similar awards? Does this align with pricing for your products / services?

  • When is the existing contract due to expire, and does this leave you enough time to pre-engage with key decision-makers?

  • Is there any evidence of an existing relationship between your company and the buyer that could create a warm introduction?

  • Who is the incumbent supplier for your product / service, and how long have they worked with the buyer?

  • Is there any evidence of your competitors having worked with the buyer previously? If so, is this a competitor you have a strong proposition against or should this be a reason to disqualify a buyer?

  • Is there any evidence of previous connections with your partner network that could be leveraged for an introduction?

Stotles buyer profiles can help to answer a lot of these questions; learn more about how you can use buyer profiles for data-driven insights.

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