Monitor relevant key account activity throughout your Stotles account

Build data-driven account plans by accessing historical procurement activity, top level priorities and decision maker contacts.

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Save key buyers to monitor relevant activity in your feeds, identify biddable tenders, capture early indicators of future work, and understand which competitors and partners buyers are engaging with.

Get a top level view of all key accounts to identify trends and opportunities at a quick glance with the ‘My key accounts’ dashboard. Access your dashboard by selecting it in the ‘Buyers’ drop down menu.

The dashboard summarises relevant connections or matches with your signal settings, highlighting existing supplier relationships and legacy procurement activity worth noting. This is broken down to:

  • My Partners - see partners that have been directly awarded contracts, or mentioned in a notice, by the named buyer

  • My Competitors - see competitors that have been directly awarded contracts, or mentioned in a notice, by the named buyer

  • Notices - see all relevant procurement notices published and awarded by the named buyer that match your signal settings

  • Contract Expiries - see all relevant upcoming contract expiries from the named buyer that match your signal settings

  • Open Opportunities - see all relevant open tender and pre-tenders published by the named buyer that match your signal settings

To add a buyer to your key accounts dashboard, click ‘Save buyer’ on any buyer profile or in the Buyer search tool.

You can also monitor key buyer activity in your feed. Select any default or custom saved view, then click on the ‘All filters’ button and use the Buyer Information section to refine your results:

  • Saved buyers - shows tenders that have been published by buyers in your ‘Key accounts’ list.

  • Buyers - type in a specific buyer name to identify tenders published by that organisation

  • Buyer types - show tenders published by buyers in a specific area of the public sector (for example, Central Gov).

This will create a view that can be used to inform account / go to market planning. You can save this view for future use, including setting up daily or weekly notifications:

  • Hover over ‘Save view’ and then ‘Save as new view’ / ‘Update existing view’

  • Name the new view with your preferred naming convention and select ‘Save’.

  • Click on ‘Settings > Notifications’

  • Select ‘Edit’ on ‘Daily updates’ or ‘Weekly updates’

We recommend setting up Daily updates to ensure quick action on any new opportunity published in the past 24 hours. You’ll only receive an update when new notices that match your signal settings are added to your feed.

  • Select which buyer views you would like to receive notifications on. By default you’ll receive updates captured by your ‘Open opportunities’ view, but you can change this to another default view, a custom saved view from the list or multiple views.

  • Press Save at the bottom.

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