3. Locate key decision-makers
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Now that you have a more focused list of buyers you want to target in your Saved buyers list, it is time to find relevant contacts to reach out to.

Stotles is a great source of key decision-maker contacts - simply visit the buyer profile > Contacts tab to access a list of contacts held in the Stotles database for that organisation.

People move a lot in the public sector, so while we can’t guarantee every job role / function will be captured, this data is reviewed and updated on a rolling 6 months basis to maintain accuracy.

In a pinch, if you’re unable to find the right decision-maker contact, Stotles also provides procurement contacts for you to use. Typically these are the people that manage the procurement process, so while they are unlikely to take the final decision on working with you or not they might be able to connect you to someone that will.

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