4. Tailor your outreach
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Crafting the right message can be as important as picking who you send it to. Stotles can help you to better understand an organisations key strategic priorities that can be used in your outreach to show that you understand their business needs.

Below are a few examples of how you can use the Stotles buyer profile to craft a compelling outreach message:

  1. Use existing supplier relationships as a route into a new buyer

    • Referencing a known and relevant organisation in your outreach will add credibility to your message, and demonstrate that you’ve done your homework to learn more about their business.

    • Using the Suppliers tab, think about the following when choosing which organisation is likely to resonate:

      • Competitors - do you have a particularly strong product proposition against an incumbent supplier that you can build a message around?

      • Partners - do you have a strong working relationship with a incumbent supplier that you could leverage to open the door?

      • All suppliers - who is winning the most relevant work with this organisation, and how does your product play with theirs?

  2. Use insight into recent or upcoming spending priorities to open discovery conversations

    • Demonstrate that you understand your prospect’s world by referencing their tech-stacks or recent projects that are relevant to your products / services.

    • Use the interactive chart in the Summary tab to see total value and volume of historical awards or upcoming contract expiries. Click on the bars to see the underlying award data details and choose the most relevant nuggets to highlight.

  3. Use relevant recent procurement activity to introduce your business / product suite

    • Contacting a stakeholder at the right time, when the problem you want to solve is already on their mind, will increase your chances of a positive response.

    • Under Procurement notices you’ll find all recent procurement notices published by a buyer, including those that don’t match your signal settings. Use this to understand their recent priorities and figure out how you can align your outreach - for example:

      • Have they recently published a tender for a product or service complementary to yours that you could piggy back on?

      • Perhaps they’ve awarded a recent contract for consultancy project - could your project or service be a potential solution for that project?

  4. Use insight into their strategic priorities to align your solution to their problem

    • Demonstrating the impact your solution could have on organisational objectives will be key to getting buy-in across your stakeholder group, so leading with an understanding of these goals will add credibility to your outreach.

    • On the Documents tab, you’ll find a list of previously published documents with the most relevant (based on your signal settings) floated to the top. Click on the title to open the in-app reader and skip through your keywords to the most relevant sections.

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