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1. Find buying signals
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Once you’ve finished optimising your signal settings, there are a few tools in Stotles designed to surface relevant buying signals for you.

    • A dynamic dashboard of public sector buyers who are talking about the signals that matter to you; use the filters to refine the list to your territory then click on the data in the table to explore the opportunity in more depth.

    • Action: When you find a buyer you want to explore in more detail, save the buyer to a custom Saved buyers list.

    • Expiring contracts can be a great indicator of future opportunities, often offering insight into when a relevant tender might come to market, on incumbent suppliers and current spend on key services.

    • Using the Upcoming contract expiries view as a base, filter opportunities by theme using keyword signals, or explore your competitive landscape using Competitor signals.

    • Collaboration tools in Stotles can help you to manage your progress:

      • Use the qualification tool to manage leads status in Stotles:

        • Follow up - this opportunity is of interest but needs further investigation

        • Qualified - this is an opportunity you definitely want to progress

        • Not relevant - this isn’t something you want to progress so it should be hidden from your view

      • Share the notice with relevant parties via email - for example, colleagues not in Stotles, or external partners

      • Assign the notice to yourself or a colleague - this will make it easier to collaborate around an opportunity, and to find it again in your feed in future

      • Leave a comment for yourself or others, for example detailing the next steps and who is responsible

    • Action: Where you see a good opportunity that you want to explore in more depth, save the buyer to a custom Saved buyers list.

  • Buyer documents

    • Buyers will often refer to future spending priorities in corporate documents, like annual reports and budget documents, that should be considered strong buying signals for you.

    • Navigate to a buyer profile in Stotles to access the Documents tab; here Stotles will surface the most relevant documents for you to review, based on matches to your signal settings.

    • Action: When you find an opportunity worth exploring in more depth, save the buyer to a custom Saved buyers list.

  • Pre-tender notices

    • Pre-tenders (a.k.a. prior information notices, PINs or market engagement notices) are a signal from buyers that they (i) are considering procuring a product and / or service, and (ii) that they want suppliers like you to help them shape their approach.

    • Using the Open opportunities view as a base, filter to only show Pre-tenders associated with your signals to identify opportunities to engage with prospective buyers early in their decision making process.

    • You can now use the same collaboration tools mentioned above to qualify, share, assign and comment on individual notices.

    • Action: When you find a pre-tender you want to follow up on, save the buyer to a custom Saved buyers list.

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