3. Build account plans
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Account planning ensures you have clarity on important details about existing or prospective customers, and supports the development of value-driven relationships with key accounts to drive long-term development and retention.

Stotles can support this process with insight into:

  • Understanding a buyer’s organisational strategic objectives

    • Public sector buyers frequently publish documents detailing key organisational priorities (often times required by law) including strategy documents, meeting minutes and budget projections. Stotles captures this information and sorts by relevance based on your signal settings.

    • Go to the buyer profile > Documents tab to access all of the published records captured for an organisation in the Stotles database. Click on the document title to open the document in-app and skip through to find reference to your signals.

  • Key decision-makers and relevant stakeholders

    • More often than not, finding multiple stakeholders or points of entry to an organisation will improve your chances of successfully closing a deal - especially with the larger, more complex public sector organisations.

    • Stotles is a great source of key decision-maker contacts - simply visit the buyer profile > Contacts tab to access a list of contacts held in the Stotles database for that organisation.

    • In a pinch, if you’re unable to find the right decision-maker contact, Stotles also provides procurement contacts for you to use. Typically these are the people that manage the procurement process, so while they are unlikely to take the final decision on working with you or not they might be able to connect you to someone that will.

  • Explore existing supplier ecosystems

    • Understanding an organisation’s existing supplier ecosystem can help you to predict potential blockers and identify additional opportunities to engaging with a buyer.

      • For example, if a competitor is an incumbent supplier with a long history of working with the buyer, this could make it more difficult to unseat them, or an existing partner of yours may be able to make a favourable introduction.

    • Using the buyer profile > Suppliers tab, you can find:

      • All suppliers - sorted to show the most relevant suppliers based on historic contract awards that match your signal settings

      • My partners - a dashboard detailing any historic connection with partners named in your signal settings

      • My competitors - a dashboard detailing any historic connection with competitors named in your signal settings

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