1. Prioritise key accounts
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Once you’ve finished optimising your signal settings, there are a few tools in Stotles designed to help you identify which buyers present the best opportunity for you.

    • A dynamic dashboard of public sector buyers who are talking about the signals that matter to you, this tool is helpful if you need to identify which buyers present the best opportunity for your business.

    • Use the filters to refine the list to your territory then click on the data in the table to explore the opportunity in more depth.

    • Action: When you find a buyer you want to explore in more detail, save the buyer to a custom Saved buyers list.

    • Organise your key accounts into custom dashboards to prioritise them based on relevant procurement activity.

    • Use Find buyers to search for the buyer(s) you’re interested in, then click on Save buyer to add them to a custom dashboard.

    • Top tip: If you segment your key accounts into distinct categories (for example, “Existing customers”, “Tier 1 Growth”, “Tier 2 Growth” etc) you can create multiple Saved buyer lists.

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