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  1. Navigate to the Apps section on the side bar in Teams in the bottom right corner.

2. Search for “webhook” and select “Incoming Webhook” from Microsoft.

3. Click add to team.

4. On the next screen search for the channel you want the messages to be sent to and press Setup. You might want to create a new channel for the messages so that we don’t interrupt your chats. If you are not sure how to do this there are instructions here.

5. Wait for the screen below to show, it might take a second to load.

6. Enter “Stotles” in the empty name field and press create.

7. Copy the webhook URL and head to stotles here.

8. You should see this page below, if not let us know and we will activate integrations for you.

9. Click “Create a new Notification”.

10. On the next screen enter a name for the notification.

11. Paste the webhook URL in Webhook URL field.

12. Select a frequency for the notification.

13. Turn on the views you would like to see in the notification.

14. Back in teams click the “done” button.

15. Head back to Stotles and press save.

16. You should receive a test message in your selected channel.

Thats it! Your Teams integration is set up.

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