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Slack setup check

If you cannot complete all these steps you may need to ask for additional permissions from your administrator.

  1. Visit the webhook setup page here.

  2. If asked to sign in, login with your slack account.

3. If you are able to click “Add to slack” then you should be good to go 👍.

4. On the next screen either choose a channel from the dropdown or click create a new channel (creating a new channel is recommended so that the daily updates do not interrupt your chats).

5. On the next screen scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see integration settings.

6. In the customise name field set the value to “Stotles” so you know the messages are coming from us.

7. Click save settings.

8. Copy the web hook URL and head to Stotles here.

9. You should see this page below, if not let us know and we will activate integrations for you.

10. Click “Create a new Notification”.

11. On the next screen enter a name for the notification.

12. Paste the webhook URL in Webhook URL field.

13. Select a frequency for the notification.

14. Turn on the views you would like to see in the notification.

15. Press save at the bottom of the page.

16. You should receive a test message in your selected channel.

That’s it, you will now receive feed updates via slack 🎉.

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