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Pre-engage with buyers ahead of expiring contracts
Pre-engage with buyers ahead of expiring contracts
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To give your company the best chance of winning a re-tendered opportunity, it is important to pre-engage with the buyer before the current contract expires. This means that you have enough time to build a relationship with key decision makers before the new tender is written.

Our pre-engagement tool makes this process fast and efficient by taking you from the opportunity, straight to the contact information, and uses AI to build you relevant messaging that is transferred straight to your inbox.

To do this, in your upcoming expiries feed, hover over the qualification column and follow the qualification process

  • Pre-engage > Find contacts

This will take you to the list of contacts that we have for this buyer. You can filter down to relevant decision makers, then click 'Outreach'.

Here you can use our AI powered outreach builder tool to create a personalised message to send from your email to contacts at this buyer. You can adjust the type of message, tone, and any other information that you want to include to make an impression.

You can monitor the awards that you have pre-engaged with by going to Notices > My notices. Here you can click in to see which notices have been qualified as Pre-engage: To-do/Not relevant/Actioned.

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