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Stotles key decision-maker contact information allows you to identify and approach relevant people in public sector organisations to:

  • Conduct targeted outreach within specific public sector buyer organisations

  • Construct broader campaigns across the sector to build awareness amongst potential customers

Global contact search

To access decision-maker contact information via our global contact search, head to the drop down 'Buyers' tab then click 'Find contacts'.

Here you can use the filters to narrow down your search. You can filter by the following:

  • Seniority

  • Function

  • Buyer name/type/list

  • Job title

  • Type of contact information - email/phone

You can export the contact information, copy it to clipboard, or use our outreach builder to quickly generate and send emails to decision makers.

Buyer profiles

To access decision-maker contact information, head to a buyer profile then:

  • Click on the “Contacts” tab

  • Filter by both Seniority and Function and your desired contact information

  • Export the contact information, copy it to your clipboard, or use the outreach builder

Learn more about GDPR compliance here.

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