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Your Stotles signal settings are the heart of your Stotles experience; helping to track tenders across the app, making it easier to find the most relevant opportunities quickly. You can track relevant Keywords to your business as well as your named Partners and Competitors.

To optimise your settings to track relevant tenders it is essential to set up your keywords correctly. You can access the self-serve tool via Settings > Signal Settings.


Your keywords search the title and description of all pre-tender, tender and contract award notices in our platform.

  • Type in the keyword / phrase you want to monitor the market for and hit enter.

  • The preview will show all records published in the last 6 months that would be captured by that keyword, to give you an idea of the results you can expect.

  • Click on ‘Show advanced settings’ to further refine your results by:

    • Excluding records that contain keywords you don’t want to see

    • CPV sector codes most relevant to you.

Top tips: for optimising your keyword signal settings:

  • We recommend starting with a broad base of keywords to capture as many relevant opportunities as possible. You can filter your feed later on if you want to refine and save more specific views.

  • Include keywords that describe the products and services your business offers; this sounds really simple, but we often see language in tenders along the lines of "we want to buy X tool" so it is good to make sure you're covered.

    • It may be worth considering including language used by competitors to describe their offerings, where there is overlap in products / services.

  • Use keywords that describe the use-cases or problems solved by your products and services; tenders will often include a "problems to be solved" (or similar) section in which the buyer will outline the trouble they're having, or the process they want to improve, so it is good reflect this in the way we're monitoring the market.

  • Avoid generic keywords like "consulting", "digital", "transformation" (etc.) which can be used in different contexts thus creating irrelevant noise in your results.

  • Make use of the 'Advanced keyword search tips'; these enable you to be more specific in the results you want to see. For example, by default our signal settings keyword search is fuzzy, meaning the system will return results based on the root of a word (for example, development will return developer, developing etc.). Use the quotation marks to capture the exact phrase only.

  • Use the Tender Search and Award Search tools to test out the language used in historic tenders and pre-tenders to get a sense of keywords to monitor in future.

Partner & Competitors:

  • Searches the title, description and Supplier(s) awarded fields for the competitor or partner name entered.

    • This is designed to ensure you see all records where your competitors and partners are awarded a contract directly, or where they are referred to in the record - for example, if software that has been resold by distributor.

  • Type in the competitor or partner name you want to monitor the market for and hit enter. Include the company name and / or relevant tech-stacks / alternative brand names associated with that organisation to ensure you capture all relevant results.

  • The preview will show all records published in the last 6 months that would be captured by that competitor or partner signal, to give you a sense of the results you can expect.

Don't forget to hit 'Save' at the bottom of the page!

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