Identify the right people in buyer organisations to build a relationship with and progress new business opportunities

What do you get?

Stotles offers two levels of contact information to help you to connect with the right person, with the right message at the right time:

  • Procurement Contacts: tied to a specific opportunity, these contacts are typically responsible for fulfilling procurement requests on the behalf of an organisation but are unlikely to be the ultimate decision maker / buyer responsible. These contact details will have been captured from tender / contract award notices and are included with the Buyer Intelligence Stotles Pro feature.

  • Functional Contacts: these contacts can work across various departments within a buyer organisation and are more likely to be the decision maker / final sign off point that you want to engage with. Working with an external data partner specialising in public sector contact data, Stotles can provide enriched functional contact information on an ad hoc basis.

What can do with it?

Identify key decision makers in target customers to:

  • Conduct targeted outreach within single organisations

  • Construct broader campaigns to build awareness amongst potential customers

Learn about Enhanced Contacts in this video:

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