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Competitor landscape analysis & opportunity identification
Explore competitor activity with a specific buyer
Explore competitor activity with a specific buyer
Identify prospective competitors and monitor their activity, including identifying expiring contracts and engagement with key accounts.
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Explore existing competitor relationships with a specific buyer via the Buyer Profile.

You can access a buyer profile by:

  1. Clicking on the buyer name in a procurement notice

  2. Searching via Buyers > Search all buyers

Where you have populated known competitors into your signal settings, you’ll see the number of these suppliers that have a historic relationship with the buyer in question in the top right hand Competitors card.

Alternatively, click on the ‘Suppliers’ tab to see a list of all suppliers the buyer has awarded a contract to. The most relevant Suppliers with activity that matches your signal settings will be shown at the top of this list.

Click on the numbers in the table to drill deeper into the specific notices, including gaining visibility into expiry dates and contract value.

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