Identify and qualify upcoming competitor contract expiries in your feed

Identify prospective competitors and monitor their activity, including identifying expiring contracts and engagement with key accounts.

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With Stotles you can identify competitor contracts that are due to expire within a given timeframe; this insight can be used to plan which prospective buyers to target, messaging to approach them with and to estimate the likelihood / estimated timeline for publication of the contract renewal tender.

Starting in the ‘Upcoming contract expiries’ view, refine your results to show only upcoming expiring contracts connected with your competitors by clicking on ‘All filters’ and selecting all competitors or specific competitors using the toggle and check boxes.

Your feed will automatically update to show all previously awarded contracts where your competitor has been (1) named as the awarded supplier or (2) mentioned as a keyword in the notice title or description.

From here, organise and collaborate with teammates around relevant opportunities using in-app features like:

  • Qualification - mark the record as ‘Qualified’ (with options for qualification stage) or ‘Not relevant’

    • Selecting ‘Not relevant’ will remove the record from your feed meaning it will also disappear from teammates feed views.

    • You can still access all ‘Not relevant’ records via All views > All disqualified.

    • Alternatively use “hide for me” to hide from your feed views without impacting

  • Assignee - assign a record to teammate registered on your Stotles account and they’ll receive a notification when any activity takes place on that record

  • Save notice - add the record to a saved list to make finding the notice in future quicker and easier. All lists are visible to any teammates registered on your Stotles account.

  • Share via email - send a link to the record page to any email address. The recipient will be able to view the notice page, even if they aren’t a registered Stotles user.

  • Comments - leave a note on a record page which will be visible to all teammates registered on your Stotles account. Use ‘@’ to tag other users.

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