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Competitor landscape analysis & opportunity identification
Map your competitor’s activity across the public sector
Map your competitor’s activity across the public sector
Identify prospective competitors and monitor their activity, including identifying expiring contracts and engagement with key accounts.
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The Competitors dashboard enables a quick view into known competitor activity across the public sector.

  • Key accounts - understand where your competitors are connected with saved buyers, including direct contract awards and mentions in historic procurement activity.

  • Notices - explore all mentions of your competitors in historic pre-tenders, tenders and contract awards.

  • Contract expiries - identify mentions of your competitors in upcoming contract expiries, including where they are named as the awarded supplier and where they’ve been referred to in the title or description of a record notice.

  • Signals - understand which of your signals are also connected to historic competitor activity

Click on the numbers in your dashboard to drill deeper into the specific opportunities they’re connected to.

You can add new competitors to your dashboard by updating the Competitors list in the signal settings tool.

Save buyers to your key accounts list by clicking on ‘Save buyer’ in the Buyer search tool or via a Buyer profile.

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