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Mapping & monitoring partner networks
Optimise your signal settings to map partner networks and monitor partner activity
Optimise your signal settings to map partner networks and monitor partner activity
Identify potential partners and understand where known partners have an existing footprint across the public sector.
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Your Stotles signal settings are the heart of your Stotles experience; helping to surface insights across the app, making it easier to drill down to the most relevant details quickly.

You can access the self-serve tool via Settings > Signal settings.

To optimise your settings to help map and monitor partner activity, update the Partners section of your signal settings.

  • Searches the Title, Description and Supplier(s) awarded fields for the partner name entered.

    • This is designed to ensure you see all records where your partner is awarded a contract directly, or where they are referred to in the record - for example, if software that has been resold by distributor.

  • Type in the partner name you want to monitor the market for and hit enter.

  • The preview will show all records published in the last 6 months that would be captured by that partner signal, to give you a sense of the results you can expect.

Top tips for monitoring partner activity

  • Include the company name, relevant tech-stacks and alternative brand names associated with that supplier to ensure you capture all relevant results.

  • If you’re seeing too many or too few results, try searching in the Supplier Search tool to find the exact supplier name you should use in your signal settings.

Tip: If your signal settings tool doesn’t look like this you might have access to a feed managed by the Stotles team. If that is the case, get in touch with our Customer Success team via the chat tool and we’d be happy to help.

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