Mapping your partner ecosystem & existing relationships

Identify potential partners and understand where known partners have an existing footprint across the public sector.

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Stotles provides users with the ability to explore the nature of existing partner relationships and help to identify potential future partnerships where this is the desired route to market for your product or service.

Once you have entered the names of the partners whose activity you wish to track into your signal settings, navigate to ‘Supplier > Partners’ to access your partner dashboard.

This will provide you a top level view of partner activity broken down:

  • Key accounts - the number of your key accounts where that partner has been either directly awarded a contract, or mentioned within a procurement notice description

  • Notices (partner signal) - the total number of notices (of all stages) that either return a match for that partner specific signal

  • Notices (keyword signal) - the total number of notices that match one or more of your keywords within the contract description

  • Signals - the full list of signals captured in procurement notices connected to your named partners

Other ways to explore partner relationships

Outside of the Partner dashboard, we can use various views of our feed that allow us to explore partner activity and find potential opportunities.

Competitor & partner activity

  • Use ‘All filters’ and filter by ‘Signals > Partner’

  • Provides a view of all activity across the market where your partners have been awarded contracts or mentioned within tender documentation

  • Useful to understand which markets your partners are most successful in and where potential partnership opportunities within your network may lie.

Upcoming contract expiries view:

  • Use ‘All filters’ and filter by ‘Signals > Partner’

  • Find expiring contract opportunities where there may be scope for potential partnership opportunities upon renewal

    • Tip: Where you’ve found appropriate opportunities, remember to make use of our in app qualification tools to qualify and collaborate with your team.

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