Get notified when relevant new tenders are published

Create your own hyper-tailored view of public sector opportunities and get updated when the most relevant notices are published.

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Never miss an opportunity by creating custom email notifications. To set up alerts in your Stotles account that are aligned to your specific interests, you need to:

  • Click on ‘Settings > Notifications’

  • Select ‘Edit’ on “Daily updates” for daily email updates or “Weekly updates” for weekly email updates.

We recommend setting up Daily updates to ensure quick action on any new opportunity published in the past 24 hours. You’ll only receive an update when new notices that match your signal settings are added to your feed.

  • Select which views you would like to receive notifications on. By default you’ll receive updates captured by your ‘Open opportunities’ view, but you can change this to another default view, a custom saved view from the list or multiple views.

  • Press Save at the bottom.

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