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Identify relevant public sector tenders
Identify relevant open tender opportunities
Identify relevant open tender opportunities
Create your own hyper-tailored view of public sector opportunities and get updated when the most relevant notices are published.
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Your notice feed contains all notices that are matched to your signal settings. By default, your Open Opportunities will be a pinned view. Open Opportunities shows you all notices linked to your signal settings that are currently open for tender. You can refine your results using filters.

Filter your results to find relevant opportunities using ‘Filters’:

  • Signals - these are the keywords, competitors and partners that you added to your signal settings. Use the toggle / checkboxes to open the list and select all or some of your signals.

  • Saved buyers - shows tenders that have been published by buyers in your ‘Key accounts’ list.

  • Buyers - type in a specific buyer name to identify tenders published by that organisation e.g. Home Office

    • Note: a buyer name will only show up in the drop down list if they have published at least one record that matches any of your signal settings.

  • Buyer types - show tenders published by buyers in a specific area of the public sector (for example, Central Gov).

Once you’ve filtered your results, click on ‘Save view’ (top right) to store those settings in your Stotles account. This allows you to return to this view at any point. Saved views can also be seen by other team members on the same Stotles account and are a great way to collaborate.

To customise which views are pinned on your notice feed, simply go to your "all views" bar and click pin or unpin as desired. You can reorder the pinned views by dragging them using the dots on each tile, and unpin directly from here. You can add or change the descriptions of the pinned views by clicking into the title bar, or in "Actions" under Notice searches.

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