In terms of the actual words you input into the search bars, here are a few tips:

A normal keyword entry will include other words that share the same root word. E.g. -

  • consulting will match consultant and consultation

  • facility management will match facilities management

To search for an exact match, use quotations. This is not case sensitive. E.g. -

  • "consulting" will not match consultant or consultation

  • "facility management" will not match facilities management

  • "app" will not match application. The match considers the whole word

To identify acronyms, keywords typed in ALL CAPS will only match keywords that are also fully capitalised. Any other capitalisation will search with no case sensitivity. E.g. -

  • CHECK (the cyber security theme) will not match check (the verb)

  • SAAS will not match SaaS, but saas will

You can also achieve a more curated feed with our advanced settings:

By excluding keywords, you can make your search more targeted. E.g. -

  • If you have "architect" as a keyword, you may want to exclude records that contain "data architect" or "systems architect", if you're only looking for architecture related to buildings. Excluding the whole phrase "data architect" won't exclude records that feature "architect as a standalone word"

CPV codes are a system for public procurement to help procurement personnel classify their contract notices. You can use our CPV filter to only return results that contain one of your keywords AND also belong to the CPV codes included.

  • Tip! Go a bit broader with the CPV code in case buyers have mis-categorised the records.

  • It's worth scrolling through the available classifications as sometimes tenders might fall into more than one category

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