You can choose how you'd like to display records in your Feed, including creating custom saved views that will save your filter and feed layout settings.

There are 3 pre-set standard views:

  • Open opportunities - showing you currently open tenders and newly published pre-tenders

  • Upcoming contract expiries* - monitor contracts due to expire in your feed, filtered by the closest expiry date

  • All records - includes everything entering your Feed, including pre-tenders and open tenders as well as closed opportunities and contract awards*

Create pre-filtered, custom views by filtering your Feed and selecting "Save view" in the top right hand corner of your Feed screen. This will now be saved within your company's account and you can manage these custom views at any time. From here, you can also update existing views.

Click on "Edit columns" at the top of your feed to add, remove and rearrange the order of columns in your feed.

Set a default view, duplicate views and see views created by others by selecting "All views" at the top of your Feed.

All views can be seen and used by everyone in your team, but can only be amended by their original creator.

* Contract award data is a Stotles Pro feature. You will only have access to award data in the views if you have this feature enabled. Learn more about Stotles Pro here.

For more tips on making the most of views, check out this video!

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