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We will build a curated view of the public sector & push updates to your team on a daily basis to help them keep a finger on the pulse of the market.

Track Open Opportunities

Your feed will be populated with real-time tender and pre-tender announcements as they are reported. We'll work with you and your team to customise the query so only the most relevant opportunities are highlighted, saving you time & focusing your team on the opportunities you're mostly like to win.

At Stotles we believe tender tracking is a necessary evil but not where your sales & marketing teams should be spending their time so we offer this as a completely free service - now & forever!

Keep a Pulse on the Market

Stotles provides a fully-customisable way of keeping a pulse on more complex market indicators. As an optional add-on we will work directly with your team to develop a bespoke feed that allows you to track more sophisticated signals specific to your business, such as buyer tech stack changes, upcoming competitor contract expiries or partner activity in the market.

For Expert customers, your team will have unlimited access to Stotles data & the Customer Success team who will support you in optimising for success in the public sector.

The following data plug-ins can be added to your feed:

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