Build data-driven account plans for existing and prospective customers with in-depth insight into buyer activity in the public sector.

What do you get?

Access to comprehensive coverage of UK & I public sector buyer organisations, including:

  • Buyer Profiles: visibility into historic and current procurement activity with key contract award data by buyer (inc. contract values & expiry dates), awarding trends and insight into existing supplier relationships

  • Buyer Tracking: keep a pulse on key accounts / prospective clients' activity in your feed to capture early indicators of future work

  • Buyer Search: find information on key accounts quickly and easily with advanced buyer search filters

What you can do with it

  • Deep dive search on buyer history & context

  • Track target account activity in your feed

  • Identify relevant procurement contacts to approach within the buyer

Learn more about buyer intelligence with this short video guide:

Example: Ministry of Defence

Keep a pulse on the public sector with a live feed that allows you to track specific buyer activity.

Self-serve intel via Buyer Profiles which include procurement contacts, contract award trends, 360-view of contract award / tender / pre-tender and insight into top supplier networks.

Full access to research the market by target client / key account with additional search capabilities:

Dedicated Buyer Search tool

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