Here are a few suggestions on how to get the most out of your Feed without creating too much noise:

  • Make sure your keywords aren't too specific - try to avoid using very specific jargon in your keyword search as this may not align with the phrasing used by buyer orgs publishing procurement notices. A good way to identify relevant language used is by testing out your keywords in the Stotles Search tool to compare the language used in historic tender documents.

  • Acronyms - where relevant, include both the acronym and full term as separate keywords in your query. For example, "CRM" and "Customer Relationship Management" will ensure you cover all bases.

  • You provide a very specific service - if your company focuses on niche services or products, it might be the case that tenders simply do not feature your relevant keywords. In cases like this, we recommend thinking outside of the box to identify situations in which your product / service would be used - for example, if you know a company undergoing a "digital transformation" process is likely to require your products or services, this would be a good indicator of future work.

If you're still not seeing enough records hitting your feed, book a call with our Customer Success team who will be happy to help.

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