Here are a couple of tips & tricks to help you cut through the noise & find the most relevant opportunities quickly:

Add context to your keywords

Catch-all keywords will generate a lot of traffic to your feed so try to contextualise your search terms. Here are a few examples:

  • replace "data" with phrases like "data analysis" or "data integration"

  • replace "digital" with phrases like "digital transformation" or "digital strategy"

  • replace "cloud" with phrases like "cloud migration" or "cloud solution"

  • replace "website" with phrases like "website development"

Include spaces around acronyms

Your Feed uses a literal keyword search so shortened terms like "App" or "UI" will capture records where the keyword / acronym is part of another word - e.g. "approach" or "build". Simply include a space before and after the term to eliminate unwanted noise - e.g. " App" or " UI ".

If you're still seeing too many records hitting your feed, book a call with our Customer Success team who will be happy to help.

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