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Is Stotles GDPR compliant?
Is Stotles GDPR compliant?
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Yes. Stotles is committed to maintaining a high standard of data protection to ensure that we will always be your trusted public sector partner. We've undergone an extensive review performed by external legal council to ensure compliance.

You can read more about our Privacy policy and Cookie policy for more details.

In-app contact data

Within Stotles we provide you with information regarding contacts that work within the public sector (sometimes referred to as "post holders"). All of this data is collected and used in compliance with GDPR, PECR, and relevant data protection regulations. We have two categories of contacts within Stotles.

1. Contacts exportable from the Stotles app:

  • These contacts are collected directly from the procurement documents that are publicly published by the public sector buyers.

  • As the type of outreach in question is business-to-business in nature, using these details for outreach is on the basis of Legitimate Interests. In this case the legitimacy of the outreach is dependent on a number of factors (there is a 3 part test for this outlined by the ICO), including the content, frequency, & opt out measures of messages sent. Generally speaking, if you are conducting reasonable outreach that is relevant to the contacts professional capacity, you fall within the bounds of legitimate interest.

2. Enhanced Contacts

  • These contacts make up one of the data-types included in Stotles Growth and Expert.

  • We work with a data partner for these contacts (they source the data from (a) public sources similar to us, and (b) from organisations or contacts directly providing their information).

  • With our data partner, we take careful measures to ensure that all of these contacts are collected and processed in a GDPR compliant fashion. If you have any further questions, please reach out to and we would be happy to share more details.

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